It’s quite difficult to recall at least one movie or TV series where our favourite characters would not bring home or order to the office some mysterious boxes with as much as mysterious name like “honey chicken” or “something like this in sweet and sour sauce”. The most surprising fact is that they do it so naturally and easily, as if this “magic box” was an integral part of their lives...

We were curious to crack this mystery. Having found what these “mysterious boxes” contain, we think we should share it with you:

Basmati rice is a variety of rice that is considered the best, as Basmati grains are the longest ones among all known rice varieties. This rice is the best for steaming cooking.

Udon wheat noodles are a type of the noodles made of wheat flour that is very popular in the Japanese cuisine. Unlike the other types of the noodles, for making Udon noodles eggs are not used.

Egg noodles are the noodles of the traditional Asian cuisine that are made with eggs and flour.

Hong Kong Sauce is a mixture of onion, garlic, chili oil and anise pepper that will not leave the thrill-seekers indifferent.

Oyster Sauce is one of the main spices of the Asian cuisine. Oyster sauce has fine taste and bright flavour.

Sweet and Sour Sauce is a classic and favourite taste for those who always knows what he/she wants.

Xi’an Sauce is a spicy sauce made of black soybean and dry chili pepper.

Enjoy your meal in an ideal sauce!